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Five Software You Need to Apply Effects to Your Photography

In the 21st century, photography has improved significantly. Digital cameras with the ability taking high-resolution pictures have been invented so as the methods of sharing this photographer contacts online and storage in the cloud. Ever seen a photo of either a model or celebrity that looks impressive due to effects that have been applied? So many software exist that are capable of applying effects to a photo but only are few are the best to make your image look appealing. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to make your photo appear good. The best applications that you can use in photo effects, are discussed below.

Adobe Lightroom is the first software that you should try out when you need to apply filters and effects to your photos. You don’t need to acquire a new computer to have this program running as it is easy on your computer and does not require great processing strength and RAM. It is like having a virtual darkroom to ensure that you bring the best out of your photo. You can capture the emotion in a photo by applying different filters. You can also process a large number of photos at the same time hence saving on time.

Another important photo effect software you need to consider is Affinity Photo. It is a cheap application which does not have monthly subscriptions but instead has updates that you need to install on regular basis. The user interface is good. Live Adjustment Layers is available in the software that enables application of layers to one image or even more. Try out these cool effects by downloading a free version of the application.

Pixeluvo is an application that you can also use to apply effects to a photo. From the toolbar, you can choose Quick Color to enable you in balancing colors to your photos. It enables one to select different blending modes and preview them before applying the one that pleases you. You can keep on clicking at different blending modes till you get one that you prefer or want to use. It also comes with a free trial version for those who want to try it out.

Nik Collection is the next application for use when you need to use. There are downloadable plugins required. The plugins such as Silver Efex Pro, that has tools that accomplish darkroom effects hence improving monochrome photography. Color Efex Pro has filters that are important in color editing and retouching of images. Sharpener Pro plugin sharpens the image.

Another photo effects software you need to use is GIMP. One good thing about GIMP is that it is free and can read PSD files. There is the possibility of customizing your brushes, and different photo actions you want to perform. It is a strong application and also free.