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Forms of Bike Locks.

Lock for bikes can be termed as devices or mechanisms for ensuring safety of your bike while you are not in immediate use of it.For cases where most of your movements such as going to work, personal recreation or even moving around town rely on your bike, there is need to ensure its security.In most countries across the world, it is a normal occurrence for that you may lose at least a single bike in your lifetime or if you are not a victim then you might have come across a colleague who was once a victim of bike theft.

Bike theft can be managed with less effort just a matter of observing some precaution measures.Most people have the guts to leave their bikes out without locking them when they are in at their places of work during the day and even at night when they have gone to sleep in their houses.This carelessness is an open opportunity for thieves to get away with your bike at your naivety.Some people tend to scare professional thieves by locking with some simple locks, they forget that serious thieves are still able to get away with the bike by cutting off the lock.

Keeping your bike with you is just a simple thing hence if you value your bike make a choice to suit your situation.

The D-locks and U-locks are available at stores near you and can easily be identified by their shapes.The D and U locks have majorly two parts whereby a u-shape has to go around the bike and a straight edge which is the actual lock as it crosses the u-shape to lock your bike.

The D-locks and U-locks are among the most secure locks because most of the thieves are not able to use bolt cutters to destroy the bike locks.The locking process should ensure that the bike is attached to an external firm point to ensure that the thieves can lift the bike.

The wheel lock is the second choice in the mission to secure your bike, this lock works by restricting free motion hence the thief cannot easily get away with it.This is actually not a secure lock to prevent thieves who can lift the bike and get away with it.You need to have a good plan to substitute the strength of the bike wheel lock if you care about retaining your bike.

Chain and cable locks cannot be treated as the u-shaped locks because they are less strong but most flexible and portable.It is easy to cut away these locks and get way with the bike easily.

When the D-locks and U-locks are precisely used they amount to stringent security of your bike.

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